Our journey – and obsession – with Tongkat Ali began when we were introduced to the preparation during a visit to Malaysia. Pretty much everything about the product was appealing from the start. The mystery surrounding this root, its years of history, and the fact that it is of course a 100% natural product.

We have always been conscious of what we were exposing our bodies to, and the fact that this product came from nature was particularly appealing to us. So when we came back to Europe, it was of course obvious to keep taking Tongkat Ali. And here, unfortunately, we were sorely disappointed.

It was hard to find a product of decent quality, and it was generally not very easy to find background information about where the product came from, what purity it was in, whether it had been carefully harvested and so on. We wanted to do something about that.

We think everyone should have good, stable access to Tongkat Ali, without having to compromise on quality, and without having to raid the land. So we set about exploring how we could ensure Europeans had the same good experience we had had ourselves. We found partners we could trust, and started working on getting as stable supply chains as possible. Because we knew that once people had their eyes on this remedy, it would go fast.

And we wouldn’t be like everyone else. We wanted to deliver a high quality product – in fact the highest quality on the market. And we wanted to make sure it got to the consumers who wanted it quickly, and we wanted to make sure they got good service along the way if any problems arose. And that was not an easy task. We knew that from the start, and we haven’t regretted it for a second.

Today, we buy in bulk from our suppliers to ensure our customers get the best possible prices. We are constantly optimising our supply chains to avoid major delays – and of course we do this while maintaining regular dialogue with our partners to ensure that each harvest is as gentle as possible on the environment where the plant grows.

To ensure quality, we always test each new shipment of Tongkat Ali, and also have the preparation tested in a laboratory. Of course, this costs a lot of resources to start with, which means we’re not going to make the same quick profit as other players who might skimp on quality to get some quick turnover.

On the other hand, we have a steely belief that we will eventually become the preferred distributor of Tongkat Ali throughout Europe, and that we can rest assured that we will always do everything we can to offer our customers the absolute best products on the shelves.

How we ensure our Tongkat Ali Quality

It has always been a key issue for us to be able to supply Tongkat at a fair price. And by fair price, it is important to mention that it may not be the cheapest. Often we are cheaper than our competitors – but that is not an end in itself. The goal is to be able to offer a fair price, so no one gets ripped off. There has to be money for farmers to feed their families, there has to be money for us to expand the business, to make sure we can spread this product to as many people as possible – and at the same time it has to be cheap enough that you get what you pay for – and that you don’t overpay. That’s a fair price for us.

Many other places you might come across Tongkat Ali at the same price as ours, but of a lower quality. We don’t think that’s the way to go. We’d rather sell the product for what it’s worth – and make sure you always get the best quality possible. One way we ensure this is through our production process, where our Tongkat is dried several times to remove as much moisture as possible. This gives you a cleaner product, a better experience – and most importantly – a FAIR price, every time.