Tongkat Ali Production – This is how it works

Tongkat Ali comes from the Eurycoma Longifolia bush – or rather from the roots of the bush. This plant can be found in Southeast Asia, in countries like Burma, Thailand, Indonesia and others. The plant itself tastes extremely bitter, which is also reflected in the plant’s name in several languages. However, it is not only bitterness that this plant offers. For years, it has been consumed in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

In these countries, Tongkat Ali has been used to brew tea, as well as boiled and made into an ointment that can be rubbed onto the skin – both of which are still widely practised in local communities. You will also find people using it directly in food, simply cutting some slices from the root.

Recently, the world has become aware of Tongkat Ali, and therefore it is an extremely sought-after dietary supplement around the world. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering extremely high quality Tongkat Ali, to ensure our customers get the maximum impact from their purchase.

One of the reasons many people love this product is that it is 100% natural, with no added chemicals or other harmful substances. This will ensure that you don’t fill your body with unnatural junk that can ultimately do more harm than good.

A local harvest

When Tongkat Ali is harvested, it is done the old-fashioned way. Deep in the rainforest, locals search for the plant. In temperatures in the mid-thirties, and humidity so high you almost swim through the rainforest, it’s a particularly demanding job here. The local Tongkat Ali “farmers” have to know the area like the back of their hand to ensure they bring home a catch.

Couple that with Malaysia’s exciting wildlife, and you might find yourself sharing the rainforest with a mix of king cobras, leopards and crocodiles during your harvest. In other words, it takes both courage and strength to harvest this root.

Amidst this beautiful landscape, locals trudge up and down steep hills and slopes, and must be careful when grabbing branches to climb around.

The Eurycomy Longifolia Tree

This process can take hours, because finding the right tree can be difficult. The tree must be over 7 years old before it can be used in our Tongkat Ali. Once the tree is found, the root is slowly chopped free, which also means that you have to dig down about half a metre to get to it, and then you have to carry the root all the way out of the forest again.

It’s a hard and dangerous job, which is why we have great respect for the raw materials that are produced and always seek to have the most optimal processing possible, so that we get the most out of the hard work that goes into harvesting this root.

The Production of Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali can be used as it is, directly after finding the tree. You can boil the leaves, bark or roots for a tea, or grate them over your food.

However, it is not so practical in the gym, and therefore it is necessary to work the plant. When we produce Tongkat Ali, we always aim to get as much out of the plant as possible, to ensure the highest quality for our customers. The active ingredient can be found throughout the plant, but it is the roots that are the most potent. That’s why the roots are harvested and then thoroughly processed to make the most potent supplement possible.

Tongkat Ali Production - this is how it works

Start by extracting the active substances by placing the roots in very hot water (120 degrees), stirring and filtering the mixture frequently. A concentrated paste is produced and the water is transferred to another tank. In this way, as much of the root as possible is extracted, ensuring that as much of the root as possible is used.

At first glance, it may seem like an industrial and processed process, but it’s all done to increase the yield of the amazing root.
Tongkat Ali is a difficult root to find, requiring both local knowledge and hard work by those who harvest it. So it’s only natural that we try to get as much out of the plant as possible, to ensure as little waste as we can.

And we can take comfort in the fact that although it may look like a highly industrial process, no chemicals or other harmful substances are added. It is simply a matter of extracting the root’s active substances in as gentle and effective a way as possible.

Drying of Tongkat Ali

Once you have made the tongkat Ali paste, it is important to remove as much moisture as possible. Both to ensure that our customers do not pay for water, but also to ensure the longest possible shelf life of the product. The more moisture removed, the cleaner the product, and the longer the shelf life and better potency of the final product.

We spray the paste into a heat chamber, where it is sprayed with hot air at 170 degrees. This is done to ensure that you get as much out of the plant’s roots as possible, to ensure that you waste as little as possible. This water is then sprayed into a hot air chamber to separate the water and retain the remaining nutrients. By doing it this way, the surface area of the pasta expands significantly, and therefore dries much faster.

This process is repeated several times, for a long time, to ensure that the pasta is as dry as possible. As the paste dries, it gradually becomes a dry, fine powder. This makes it easy to fill capsules and sachets, and also ensures a long shelf life, ensuring that customers all over the world can benefit from Tongkat Ali’s amazing properties.

Of course, you can never avoid that there is a certain amount of moisture in the powder, as it is a natural product. It also means that you might have to get used to how to judge the quality of Tongkat Ali.

Instead of indicating the remaining moisture in the powder, which is a difficult and imprecise method, the quality of Tongkat Ali is measured by how much root and water is used. For example, if you process 100 kilos of root and get 1 kilo of end product out of it, the ratio is 100:1. Where you continue to dry the root and, for example, only have half a kilo of final product, this means that another half kilo of water has been removed, and the ratio is now 200:1.

We don’t want our customers to pay for water and moisture, so all the Tongkat Ali we offer is in a 200:1 ratio, ensuring you get full value for money. Therefore, you should also be aware of cheaper products where the ratio is, for example, 100:1, as this product is in principle only half as potent.

Filling the extract

Just as it’s not so convenient to have to stand and brew tea in the gym or office to consume your Tongkat Ali, it’s not so convenient if you have difficulty dosing the product.

It’s no use us being thorough in the process if it’s not clear to our customers how much or how little of the preparation to take. That’s why we offer our Tongkat Ali in capsule form, which ensures easy and simple dosing.

In this way, we make sure that you get as much as possible out of this amazing product all the way from the jungles of South-East Asia to the consumer’s kitchen. It provides a safe storage for your product and makes it easy and manageable to consume – and take with you on the go.

Good reasons for Tongkat Ali from Tongkat Ali Shop

When you buy Tongkat Ali from us, you can always be sure to get a high quality product. As mentioned before, all our Tongkat Ali is 200:1 quality. This means you can get a 100% natural product with great quality – every time.

We’ve also made it extra easy for you to dose your Tongkat Ali, and to carry the capsules in your bag if you’re going on a long trip.

In addition, we are committed to always delivering the best possible service to our customers. That’s why you’ll find a lot of knowledge and material on our website, so you can learn more about the product before you decide if it’s right for you.

In fact, we’re so confident in our service and our product that we always offer you a full satisfaction guarantee, which means you can send your product back to us if you’re not satisfied – and we’ll refund your purchase price.

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