How to get high quality Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali has become very popularin recent times. As a consumer, this is not a bad thing, as this attention brings a lot of benefits. It is both in the form of better access to the product, more transparent when handling, better description of the product – and also at lower prices.

However, it also entails the risk that there are people who want to take advantage of a booming market, and who want to increase their profits at any cost. Here, you often want to experience that the quality is inferior, or that there may even be outright cheating.

Here you will be able to read more about why the quality of Tongkat Ali in Europe can often be on the dubious end, and also read about which qualities make ours some of the absolute best on the market.

Tongkat Ali is generally considered of poor quality in Europe. Here's why:

As mentioned above, it often happens that, in a booming industry, there are individuals who try to make some quick money. In relation to Tongkat Ali, it can unfortunately often be difficult to see how a product is actually composed.

There is by now no shortage of preparations that claim to make one smarter, think faster, sleep better, become stronger – and pretty much everything in between. You often see, however, when you go through the ingredients, that you are often talking about “repackaged” capsules, where there are actually only a number of different vitamins and minerals collected, and in many cases a vanishingly small part of a given active substance – if there even your something.

For ordinary people who do not have the opportunity to analyze products in a laboratory, it can therefore be very difficult to find out if there is actually anything of value in the preparations they consume. And it is unfortunately no different when it comes to Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali is a relatively expensive product to buy, due to the small supply.

That is why it is also not abnormal to see preparations, where e.g. contains tongkat ali – but not 100% tongkat. It can be to save money, since you can take 30% tongkat ali, and 70% cheaper ingredients, and still sell it as a preparation that looks good.

There we have chosen to go the opposite direction, and therefore you only want to find 100% pure tongkat ali in our shop. This means you don’t have to pay for cheap ingredients you don’t need, and with our thorough drying process you also don’t have to pay for extra moisture in your product.

What determines the quality of Tongkat Ali?

When you are going to buy Tongkat Ali, you can see that it is mentioned as e.g. 50:1, 100:1 or 200:1, which indicates how much moisture has been removed from the product – in other words, how potent the product is.

Here you should always go for as high a quality as possible – in this case 200:1. With us, we go a long way in the quality of our product, which is the reason why all our products are of the highest quality.


Eurycomanone is the active substance that is extracted from the root of the plant. Since it is a natural product, it is largely impossible to determine exactly how much eurycomanone is in each individual gram of the extract.

In our production, we try to extract as much eurycomanone from each root as possible. This is the reason why we treat the root as thoroughly as we do – both to ensure that our final product is as potent as possible, but also to ensure that we waste as little as possible of the precious root.

Low humidity

In all natural products there will be moisture, and it cannot be avoided that there will always be a small percentage of moisture in the product – not even in ours. Moisture is not harmful, but it can cause products with a high moisture content to have a shorter shelf life, and the more moisture there is, the more the product will weigh, which ultimately means that you are left with a less potent product.

Fresh products

No product lasts forever. And to ensure that our customers get as much as possible out of their purchase, we always do everything we can to get the goods to our customers as quickly as possible. This places high demands on the process being in order, from harvest to production – and of course the freight to the warehouse. There is no time to waste if you want to ensure quality.

Adult, mature plants

To ensure that there is a high concentration of eurycomanone in the roots, and to ensure as high a volume as possible, it is important not to use trees that are too young. Our Tongkat Ali is made from trees that are at least 5 years old. This also ensures a more sustainable production, as one does not harvest as aggressively, and instead focuses on keeping the stock alive.

Unfortunately, in other industries it is often seen that the plants and their habitat are deliberately exploited, which over time will lead to the plants quietly disappearing, which is a great loss for both the climate, biodiversity and the local community. We do not want to be part of that, and therefore this is an important point in our production.

Thorough production process

All the Tongkat Ali we get produced is of 200:1 quality, and this is because we spray dry the product until we remove the desired amount of moisture. There are other producers who deliberately do not remove as much moisture in the product, in order to retain a greater yield from the root.

We believe it is more important to ensure that the product our customers pay for is also the product our customers receive, and that they do not pay for capsules filled with water.

Protective wrapping

To ensure that our product stays healthy for as long as possible, we always make sure to use proper packaging. The material we use for our packaging is UV resistant, which ensures quality for a longer period of time.

That’s why you should also leave your Tongkat Ali in the packaging, and not pour it into jars or glasses. You always want to get a longer shelf life, and a more potent product, by leaving your tongkat ali in the original packaging. This also applies to both the pure extract (powder) and capsules.

How not to measure quality

You might come across people who believe that the tongkat ali you have bought is of a lower quality due to the color or smell of the product. It may be that you want to hear things like “it shouldn’t be so dark” or “it should have a completely different smell”.

However, there is no correlation between either color or smell when it comes to Tongkat Ali. The color of the powder can vary from time to time, depending, among other things, on the plant’s local living conditions. What counts is how much red has been used in the process, and that’s really the only way you can assess the quality.

With other products, it is not unusual to bleach the product, or add color or binders, to ensure that the product looks uniform, or has the same consistency every time. We think that you should appreciate Tongkat Ali as it is – namely a 100% pure natural product. Therefore, we do not add things for the sake of sight, nor for the sake of smell.

How to measure Tongkat Ali quality

Our principle that we always want to deliver a 200:1 quality is the most important thing for us – not the color. Therefore, you can be sure that the tongkat you buy from us is of the highest quality – regardless of how it looks, and regardless of how it smells.

How to measure quality

If you want to know if the Tongkat Ali you have bought is of good quality, you should instead look at the consistency of the powder. The drier and finer the powder, the better quality it will generally have, and this is because the powder gets finer the more it dries. So if you are dealing with a very fine powder, it may indicate that it has gone through a long drying process.

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It can be difficult to find Tongkat Ali in good quality, and unfortunately there are many opportunities to be cheated. With us, you can be sure that you always get pure tongkat ali, as we do not mix it with other additives and fillers.

Our principle of always delivering as good a product as possible places high demands on our supply lines. And although of course we always try to secure as much tongkat as possible for our customers, shortages can of course occur. So if you want to secure the market’s purest product, at sharp prices, it might be a good idea to buy a little bit bigger at a time..