Tongkat Ali Extract Capsules

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  • 150 capsules, 400mg per capsule
  • 200:1 extract, 2% eurycomanone, no additives
  • Sustainably sourced, from mature roots only

Tongkat Ali from the Eurycoma Longifolia plant

Note: Our Tongkat Ali is sold as an inscence powder. Tongkat Ali is not admitted to be sold as nutritional supplement in the EU.

Our Tongkat Ali is a 100% natural product, harvested in the most sustainable way possible. We have made it our mission to offer Tongkat Ali to European consumers in a way where everyone can be sure that the Tongkat Ali they buy is always of the highest quality and as fresh as possible.

These values run throughout our business, from the time the first Tongkat Ali is harvested, to the time it is sent to our customers to enjoy this natural product.

Tongkat Ali has become extremely popular in record time, and its popularity is steadily increasing. That is why we are doing everything we can to meet the growing demand, without compromising on our good service, our good prices, and our high quality.

We believe it is important that there is one place where European consumers can go, where they can be sure that the Tongkat Ali they buy is always of a consistently high quality, and where they are not paying for additives that do not need to be there. This is just one of the reasons for our thorough production process, where we try to remove as much moisture as possible from the product, to ensure that your goods are as clean as possible, and of as high quality as possible.

High Quality Tongkat Ali Capsules
Only Tongkat Ali roots 7 years or older are used

Buy Tongkat Ali in the best quality on the market

If you want to buy Tongkat Ali in the best quality the market has to offer, then this should interest you: All our Tongkat Ali is 200:1 quality, and contains 2% eurycomanone.

As well as always supplying the best quality Tongkat Ali available, we also go to great lengths to ensure that Tongkat Ali will continue to be available for the world’s consumers. That’s why we take care to minimise as much waste as possible in our production, and of course also do everything we can to ensure the product’s shelf life, so that as little of the product goes to waste as possible.

All our Tongkat Ali is hand harvested from the Eurycoma Longifolia plant, ensuring the most gentle harvest possible, while supporting the local industry, with as minimal impact on the local environment as possible.

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Our Tongkat Ali Quality Promise

We want to let as many people as possible experience what this plant is capable of. But not any Tongkat Ali – we hold ourselves to the highest quality standards to deliver only the best products and results.

We only work with suppliers that we trust and that have worked with us over many years already. Only this way can we make sure to source the highest quality plants.

Trust is good, control is better. This is why we send each and every badge checked by internal and external quality checks.

What many don't know: Tongkat Ali concetrations differ widely from product to product. We only offer 200:1 concentrations (200kg of roots = 1kg of extract), which is more than 10 times as concentrated than many other procucts you will find.

Technically, producers can use everything from roots to stems and leaves to make a powder out of it – and it's cheaper. But only the roots deliver the highest effect, the older the better. This is why we only use roots that are at a minimum 7 years old.

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